Not Just a store, But an inspiration. Not Just a store, But an inspiration.  It was in late 2009, I heard about a new restaurant Lumiere in Marathahalli which serves authentic organic food. My wife Saritha was always very keen about chemical free food and took extra time and effort to ensure that we all eat healthy food as much as possible.  The word organic attracted us and we decided to try out. It turned out to be a great experience overall and the food indeed tasted superb.  In our subsequent visits, we tried to understand more about the genuinity of their claims and ended up meeting Mr Manjunath.  The trust started building fast and we became a regular visitor of Lumiere.  Later Lumiere started an organic store as well and start expanding.…slowly changing our lifestyle!   While I used to enjoy the organic food and liked the overall ambience in Lumiere, something more interesting was happening in my mind.   The overall idea of sustainable living and respecting the environment resonated well with me. Beyond making money, I found Manjunath and Ambrose focusing more on selling the organic living concept to their costumers.  I truly bought into it and started my own small garden. Today it expanded to such a level that I do not go to Lumiere for buying vegetables. We grow all vegetables (except onion & potato) at home organically and visit Lumiere for rest of the groceries every week. It has been close to 6 years, the transformation has been very interesting. It is trust that matters the most and I have found consistency in the quality level…it is only getting better.  I would like to see Lumiere impacting more people and put a foundation for building a healthy society.  Feel free to reach me at josephshiju@yahoo.com, if you would like to know more about my experience at Lumiere. Shiju Joseph Sr Manager, Cisco Systems.

Shiju Joseph

Last 3+ years, I've been ordering organic groceries/produce from Lumiere e-store and very impressed with the quality of products. Even the crates that are used in deliveries shows how much the team CARE

Abirami Nagaraja

We have been customers of Lumiere store close to a year now. Having understood the importance of organic products our prime objective was to identify a trust worthy player in the market, not just someone selling products sourced from so called 'certified' farmers. We wanted to deal with a team of people who believed in the organic way of life and not just in making profits. The Lumiere team has our trust on this. Each time we visit the store we feel good, like coming to a family get together, the place bounds with positive energy, the products are great and people are always ready to help. 


I have been a regular customer of Lumiere Organic Store since last 3 years. What started out as a curiosity to try out organic food, quickly hooked us into the world of organic produce ranging from vegetable, milk product and other groceries. The quality and freshness of the organic produce brings out the best in the homemade cuisines. After shifting to all organic diet, I could see a marked difference in my son’s allergic bronchitis, a condition he was suffering since long. I make it a point to spend few minutes every Friday of the week, in Lumiere store to purchase fresh organic produce which arrives direct from farm- for me that is a time and money well spent for a healthy living of my family.

Sunil Mekad